Damiltech Solutions Rig Tree

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An excellent, lightweight and affordable rig tree that attaches to the side of the Shakespeare Beta and Team tackle boxes. Made to order, bespoke options are available and they come with or without a bait tray, in 2 or 3 piece telescopic varieties.

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  1. Dave Mills of Damiltech always up for good ideas.. Top bloke and will kit out your box the way you want!!.. Check out new product.. The Damiltech tree for holding your rigs.. Quality.
    Posted by 2016-06-08 01:07:51
  2. Absolutely excellent. Cannot rate this item highly enough. For someone with bad knees like me, I hate kneeling or even sitting to bait. The bait tray at a standing level and quick accessibility to the hanging rigs is invaluable, as is the reliability that clipped up rigs will stay clipped up whilst waiting to be used. Alternative stand alone options aren't viable on some marks, but this can go anywhere the box goes. Super light and super compact when packed down. A must for any match angler.
    Posted by 2016-04-16 18:13:50