Coast HL27

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  1. I have owned one of these headlights for over 2 years now, originally bought as a cheaper replacement for my Princeton Apex, the lamp has a variable light output ranging from 2 lumen to a respectable 309 lumens, the variable light output control is extremely good and very handy if fishing for species that are easily spooked by lights such as Bass in the surf, main beam is very good, giving a a good area of light even when using the beam to flood focus facility, which is a beveled ring connected to the front of the lamp, actual brightness is a nice white light, when on full beam it easily picks out your fish in the water. reliability is good, have have no issues with the lamp at all and can recommend it to anyone looking for a decent, reliable, well priced headlamp. Have to mention that the company who makes this lamp is also the same company as LED Lenser, so I would expect the warranty to be as good as the Lensers. Prices can vary fron £30 to £50ish punds depending on where you purchase it from, Veals was the stockists I purchased mine from, but 'the bay ' have them cheaper.
    Posted by 2015-12-26 10:04:27