LED Lenser H14R.2

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  1. A very well build lamp very very bright with a fantastic zoom well worth the money
    Posted by 2015-12-09 17:48:34
  2. A nice light and very bright headlamp. It is relatively lightweight and compact compared to some of the lamps available. A variable beam that is easily adjusted from spot to flood and back again. 2 levels of brightness with a boost function. I love this light but there a few niggles. Firstly make sure you have spare batteries with you it has yet to last me one night session on the supplied battery. (I always carry spares and a back up lamp as well) If I am not wearing the lamp at the beginning of the session I remove the batteries if it is in my bag as I have found it is very easy to turn on, especially the year red LED on the battery pack, I was often getting the lamp out to use finding it flashing away before I even started. Only minor things for a great very powerful reliable and well priced lamp. Do shop around though as prices vary massively, and be aware there is a H14 as well as well the H14R.2 which is more powerful and comes with battery and charger.
    Posted by 2015-12-09 17:10:22