Daiwa Saltist Hyper-Speed 20HSH

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  1. A nice compact reel with a superfast retrieve, I feel it's lacking the pulling power that the standard saltist bg and and silver 1s offer
    Posted by 2015-12-19 11:50:56
  2. This is a fantastic piece of kit. I have one for shore fishing and if you are thinking of doing the same the first thing you need to do is get the reel magged which is what I done. It is very light and well built and just shouts quality as soon as you pick up. Casting is a delight and although designed as a boat reel, once magged it is a competent casting reel on par with any other shore reel. The ratchet/ clicker is the same quality as that of the black and gold Saltist's. The lever drag is very well thought out. Bring the drag right back it goes into free spool for casting and as you move it forward the drag increases the resistance. A mark on top of the reel indicates where to set the drag for striking, and you can move the drag a little more forward to increase the resistance further ideal for breaking free of snags. The drag can be fine tuned for the breaking strain of you line by the dial on the side of the lever drag. The retrieve is smooth and quick ideal when chasing up a slack liner, or fishing rough ground where a quick retrieve can make a difference when recovering your end tackle. The torque is nice too where you still have to play the fish and not winch it in. It is well balanced and looks awesome in the black and red. It is a high quality reel as you would expect from Daiwa. It is not a cheap reel by any mean, but for the high speed retrieve and lever drag it is reasonably priced and the quality makes it worth every penny. Daiwa has done it again, keep up the great work.
    Posted by 2015-12-14 09:26:02