Gemini Super Strength Genie Link Clips

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  1. I use these on all my rigs and at the end of my shock leader to attach rigs to. These are much stronger than the normal ones which is why I prefer them to the standard ones as a few of the standard ones have given way a bit
    Posted by 2015-12-30 22:18:35
  2. I've used the standard version for years so thought I'd give these a go. Yes, they seem stronger, but I never really had any issues with the strength of the original ones. I suppose that you do get a little extra safety margin, which can only be a good thing.
    Posted by 2015-12-17 11:51:28
  3. Nice neat Link for connecting rigs and leads.. Very strong compared to others on the market and are very easy to use o matches for example , clipping and unclipping rigs in seconds
    Posted by 2015-12-07 18:42:06
  4. I use these on all my kelpy snaggy venues and they are great compared to the original. I have yet to bend one out and lose my leads, the clip could be a bit longer in my opionion to avoid mid air releases but in general a simple and effective clip.
    Posted by 2015-12-07 11:23:40
  5. An improvement on an already fantastic product from Gemini Highly recommend these links
    Posted by 2015-12-06 15:23:02