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  1. With the understanding that fishing is seasonal without any great changes year to year and the fact that for any magazine to survive it has to sell a lot of advertising, sales alone wont keep a magazine afloat. I really enjoy reading the magazine, it has a good selection of feature writers , always bright and clear photography. Plenty of adverts (that I don't mind) but a good balance of content too. Of all the current mags this one has the format I like, the content I like to read 10/10
    Posted by 2016-02-15 07:31:31
  2. It's tough for magazines now. The only way to keep up with high production costs is to increase the amount of advertising... unfortunately this can alienate readers. I'm glad some people still get some value from magazines, but for me, I prefer online blogs, which are far more up to date, usually more specific so more relevant, and can be interactive to allow more detailed questions to be raised and answered without a 1 month lag between issues that feature such Q&A. Some of The Sea Angler team do a good FaceBook page, but the need for this is perhaps indicative of the way more and more readers prefer their media to be delivered through a different channel these days.
    Posted by 2015-12-19 21:50:54
  3. I have been reading Sea Angler now for a number of years. As fishing is the same each year then you will expect to see similar articles each year when i say the same i refer to when you expect to certain species start to show. But ever year I always see new information and tips. Sea Angler is a great read with some great writers. I love reading how the writers help those new to the sport target a new or a elusive species. The writers show passion that comes through in their articles. It is nice to see reviews of new tackle items that are coming out. They have helped me decide on certain items that I have bought and they have been spot on. This a great magazine for the seasoned angler and an amazing and useful tool for those new to the sport. By far the best sea angling magazine out there. Keep up the great work Sea Angler.
    Posted by 2015-12-19 19:51:54
  4. Magazines have fell that far behind with publishing the same info year in year out and every other page a advert just keeps pushing buyers away along with everything they test is the dogs danglies well am afraid that's not the case you never see a bad review wonder why as we all know there is some crap gear on the market.
    Posted by 2015-12-19 15:23:22