Daiwa Sandstorm

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  1. i have the fixed spool 12ft version of these 4-8oz they are a nice weighty rod they cast very well easy 150yards plus in the right hands they look nice in the samdstrom black and yellow also the eyes of the rod have a yellow reflective coating with shows up great in the dark the only thing i found that the rubber butt was a bit big to fit in the cups on a ian golds super match so i shaved them fown a tad but i no diawa do sell the slim line butt rubber which is ideal for these rods apart from that have used them over a year on all types of fishing smooth and rough ground and they have performed well with everything i have threw at them for high to low temperatures the have always been a relaible rod if you like the real light weight rods these may not be for you as there is a bit of weight to them but they are a good soild rod yes i woulf highly recommend these
    Posted by 2015-12-08 10:10:04