TronixPro Cobra GT

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  1. I recently won the Cobra gt 4.5 and must say on first impressive well thought out rod but I find it to be a little to heavy and the tip imo lets its down when using lighter leads for flounders and the likes don't get me wrong its a great rod but more suited to bigger leads and baits it will put a bait a long way but I find other rods on the market give better value for money if you want a conti rod to fish light and heavy leads
    Posted by 2016-04-16 20:07:12
  2. Looks can be deceiving is the best way to describe the Cobra gt 4.2 I recently fished the EOBC on the holderness coast this year with the Cobra using 6oz breakaway grips and 3 large black lug tipped with large squid heads and the cobra handled this easily sending my baited traces a long way with an overhead thump and event further with an OTG cast. The rod loads up nicely and recovers quickly. I even clipped a 7oz lead on and with an OTG cast the rod handled it well. The Cobra sits well in big seas and strong tides as I found out at the EOBC and the tip absorbed the big waves nicely and did not pull my grip leads out once. The bite detection is great with the hybrid tip which isn't the softest of hybrid tips but still great bite detection. All I can say is this is one of the best rods I've ever bought
    Posted by 2016-03-08 18:44:11
  3. Having been a zziplex low reel pendulum caster for the last 20 years or so..I was somewhat reluctant to change to 3 piece rods and fixed spool reels but some extremely good anglers were making the switch so I thought I'd get myself a Cobra GT 4.2 to see what it was like... Well..I was so impressed with it that I have now sold all my Zziplexes and multis and got myself a pair of 4.2 Cobras teamed up with a pair of Shimano Ultegra xsc reels. Christchurch Angling have supplied me with 6 teflon spools and low diameter mono to cover all options and I honestly believe these rods will do everything I need. .the power is incredible but with a superb tip and the more I use them the more I'm getting out of them. I won't be swinging lead ever again..there's no need to. .just a Brighton Cast goes a long way..I'm am a very happy Cobra user .
    Posted by 2016-02-16 18:15:10
  4. Having fished the circuits for over 25 years.age is a factor now . Slinging heavy rids out at distance. So when i decided too move over too the continental type set ups..i was quite sceptical .after trying numerous big brand names .lighter lines ect ect Purchased the Cobra 4.2 and can honestly say .ive put that rod through hell.and can only have praise for this rod.its covered scratching over clean ground right through too heavily mixed ground. Bite detection is superb..casts like an absolute dream.minimal effort too hit around the 100 yard mark with a clipped down rig and 4/5oz sinker Right through too practically fishing under the rod tip for Flounders in my local Estuary. YES i still use my heavier rods for certain occasions .but my go too rod now is the Cobra GT.due too its versatility. This is just my honest opinion on the Cobra GT 4.2 model. Hope this reveiw is helpful
    Posted by 2016-02-14 21:55:03
  5. I have a pair of the 4.2m version of the Cobra GT , superb powerful fishing rod that's capable of putting baits long range. Thoroughly recommend the rod
    Posted by 2016-02-14 20:53:37
  6. I was lucky enough to get to use a friends one for a couple of weeks. He had recently bought a matching pair and decided that he wanted to sell them. My first impression was that they certainly looked good, but boy were they heavy. I took the weights out of the butt section to make it more manageable, but even so it is way too heavy. It is like the first glass fibre beach casting rod my Grandad gave me when I was 16. It performed about as well. It feels like a glass fibre rod and not a modern carbon one. I tried all sorts of weights and different casting styles to see if I could get it to cast any distance. The best I got out of it was about 80yds with bait. For some that is not a bad distance, but I can regularly hit over 100 with bait. It certainly has backbone and if i was after another Conger or Wrasse rod for rough work then it would be ideal. However at £350 there are a hundred other rods out there for less than half that price, that I would choose before this one. My mate even offered it to me for £150. I read one review that said it cast like a £500-£600 rod. Who ever wrote that had obviously never used a rod in that price category. I think the reason you see lots of positive reviews on this rod is because most people wont admit that they have just wasted so much money on a rod that I can only describe as one of the worst I have ever used. I am glad I was able to try one before I bought it, as I too had been taken in by the hype.
    Posted by 2015-12-13 10:22:22
  7. I can totally agree that this is a superb rough ground rod. The power in the rod is totally unbelievable but the bite detection is absolutely awesome even the smallest bites are easily detected even. One of, if not the best fixed spool rod for Bristol Channel fishing on the market. I would also add if you would like to purchase this rod and your local tackle shop has one I wouldn't hesitate for too long as they sell out fast
    Posted by 2015-12-08 21:51:21
  8. Was massively excited when I first tried this rod. Have now used it out on the reefs and over mixed and clean ground on the beach. Very gutsy rod, snags are no problem. Casts very well OTG. Bite detection is excellent without being tippy. Has removable wrights in the butt but I have left mine in, as it feels well balanced just as it is. Have caught bass, dogs, conger, green eels and whiting with this so far, looking forward to some hound action on this one. Well worth the money and brilliantly suited to the Bristol Channel.
    Posted by 2015-12-07 19:12:55
  9. Having recently got myself the Cobra GT, I was keen to give it a go. I took it out to a broken ground mark and it handled it very well, pulling out of the snags. This rod has guts! As for the casting.. well 3 of us thrashed it and all of us were very impressed by the power it has. Saying that, the tip is excellent - ideal for match fishing looking for those tiny bites.
    Posted by 2015-12-07 17:59:39